The Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee



Change in PVTC officers and Board members...  2012

Members at our June quarterly meeting witnessed the change in officers and board members, Marge Barrett, and Gail Ewin, president and treasurer for the past many years have stepped down.  They were both honored at the meeting with a cake and plaques for their dedicated service.


From left to right:

Chris DeVries:             Newly elected Treasurer,

Paul Briggs:                 Retiring Vice President,

Marge Barrett:            Retiring President,

Janice Elsishans:         Newly elected President,

Roberta Bramhall:       Newly elected Vice President,

Gail Ewin:                    Retiring Treasurer


Photos both above and below are from Joe Burgiel.

Click on the individual image below to enlarge...

                                                                          Memorial Day Ride - 2011

May 29th ride on the Paulinskill Valley Rail-Trail and Elizabethtown Pipeline with 7 adults and one 9 year old.  



We rode from Halsey Corner WEST to Old Swartswood Rd. where we turned around (3 miles).  On the way back after passing over Plotts Road we dropped down to an old paper road than onto the pipeline.   Only one tall thin tree had fallen over the pipeline.  Lucky Felice carries a handsaw.  After using the saw, Dick and Deb sat on the tree while we walked all the horses over.   We have such GREAT TRAIL horses!   We stayed on the pipeline until we crossed over Stagecoach Road.   We left the pipeline using a marked trail on State property and walked up the road and back to Halsey Corner.   This was an easy 2 hour ride with only one road to cross.

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