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The information presented on this website is only for informational use, it is not to be considered as legal advice.  Any legislative code specified within this website may only be a portion of the actual legislative code; it is your responsibility for researching further.


    (This sign is located at Sawmill near Route 23 at High Point State Park.)




  • Effective December 2005, Title 39:4-72 requires that motor vehicle drivers, when approaching or passing a person riding or driving a horse, shall slow their rate of speed to less than 25 mph and proceed with caution.  Motor vehicle drivers shall stop their vehicle, upon hand signal from a person riding or driving a horse in the opposite direction, and remain stopped as long as necessary to allow the horse to pass.



  • The NJ State Park Police, formerly State Park Rangers, was established in early 2005.  A separate law enforcement chain of command was developed that excluded the park Superintendent.


  • For EMERGENCIES on the Paulinskill Valley Trail, the Sussex Branch Trail and at Kittatinny Valley State Park, dial 911 for assistance.  Report EMERGENCIES to the NJ State Park Police at 1-877-WARN DEP (1-877-927-6337).   All other non-emergency contact with NJ State Park Police regarding the rail trails or Kittatinny Valley State Park should be made during business hours through the Kittatinny Valley State Park office at 973-786-6445.

  • Pursuant to New Jersey Statutes 39:4-10.1 et. seq., a person under 17 years of age shall not operate, or ride upon a bicycle as a passenger, unless that person is wearing a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet which meets the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z90.4 bicycle helmet standard) or the Snell Memorial Foundation's 1990 Standard for Protective Headgear for Use in Bicycling.  This requirement shall apply to a person who rides upon a bicycle while in a restraining seat which is attached to the bicycle or in a trailer towed by the bicycle.




Parking information – Brugler Road, Knowlton Township 

After contacting Knowlton Township, we were advised by the Mayor’s Office that since 2015, parking permits have been required in order to park along Brugler Road.  Alternative free legal parking is available for those not holding parking permits which is a short distance away just off Route 94 at the tunnel ball field or at the Knowlton Methodist Church.


The Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee encourages the use of a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet by all bicycle riders, regardless of age.










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