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You will require Adobe Reader ( or any PDF viewer ) to view the issues on this page.  

Starting with the October 2007 Signal, all future versions of the Signal provided here will be a color version.
  Signals sent by US mail will continue to be in black and white. 

If you don't see an older issue of the Signal here we have exhausted our storage allotment.

To open for viewing or printing an archive newsletter in a separate window "Left" mouse click on the appropriate date below. 

                                                                           October 2018

March 2017                                                         October 2017

March 2016   1.4mb                                             October 2016 

March 2015   3.3mb                                             October 2015   Newsletter NOT produced

March 2014  4.7mb                                              October 2014    4.7mb

March 2013  4.4mb                                              October 2013    3.9mb

March 2012  5.3mb                                              October 2012    4.5mb

March 2011   4.1mb                                             October 2011    3.2mb    

March 2010  2.6mb                                              October 2010    3.0mb                                             

March 2009  2.5mb                                              October 2009   4.4mb

  March 2008  0.7mb                                              October 2008   3.7mb

March 2007  1.8mb                                              October 2007   1.7mb 

March 2006   0.8mb                                             October 2006   1.7mb

March 2005    1.3mb                                            October 2005   0.9mb

March 2004    1.3mb                                            October 2004    1.0mb

March 2003    1.4mb                                            October 2003    1.3mb  

October 2002    1.0mb

Electronic images are not available prior to October 2002....

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